Elease Murray
Elease MurrayPersonal Trainer & Radio Talk Show Host
Elease‚Äč Murray has been working in the fitness industry in Georgia since 2009. Her passion for helping others to achieve their wholeness and wellness goals comes from her love for others and her own health journey of losing 90 pounds and maintaining that for over 15 years.

Elease is certified as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist with AAAI/ISMA and also certified as a spin instructor with Keiser Cycling.

Currently, she works part-time with The Metro Atlanta YMCA as a certified Wellness Coach, coaching new members through a six-month program developed by the Y to help members achieve their fitness goals. Elease is also a spin instructor at the YMCA; she is known for her fun, fast and energizing classes.

In 2014, Elease created Fit By Faith with E a health and wellness business that speaks to the whole being — mind, body and spirit. Fit By Faith with E offers faith-based¬†personal training, speaking engagements, and group fitness and spinning with spiritual classes. Fit By Faith with E allows Elease to blend her love for God, people, and fitness.

Last year, Elease became the host of the Fit By Faith with E show on Foxtrap Radio/TV and Open Vision Network.

Elease believes that her process has led to her finding her passion and purpose in life as she trusts in God’s process!