Bobbe Lyon
Bobbe Lyon used humor to get through the dark days when her husband died young and left her with five children.  A High School diploma wasn’t enough to earn a living so this “stay-at-home-mom” trusted in God and enrolled in college. Two college degrees later, Bobbe became a substance abuse counselor and a professional speaker using humor as therapy.  She has spoken to groups from every major religion.  Her humor is God inspired.  Mr. Rogers called it “her ministry.”  Her ministry has taken her to board rooms, conference rooms and class rooms.  She has spoken to hospice volunteers, nurses and medical societies.  Bobbe’s credo is “Humor is very malleable and can be molded to fit any occasion.”  It is every human being’s gift from God. Bobbe is the CEO of Laughing Lyon Ltd., which has been in business for 25 years.  She is also known as Chief Lyoness and CEO Bobbe Lyon, M.D. (mirth dispenser).