Body Shaming to Reclaiming your Body (Guiding Light #1)

As we have become more aware of our bodies, body shaming has become a hot topic on the internet. From Adam and Eve to Leonardo da Vinci, from the Facebook mother of three to the Australian mother of three, from the Dove commercials to Runway models and from a body described as “flesh” to “a temple” we have gotten an array of mixed messages about the body. As we seek for health and wholeness on our journey, understanding the body’s purpose is significant. This workshop is designed to empower you. Come and find out why we all need to reclaim our God-given bodies.

The Power of Naming: Reclaiming your Health (Guiding Light #2)

To name is to bring something into reality. It is said that to name is the beginning of wisdom. What if you could name that thing, what if you could find that one word that you could carry within you that would change your entire life, or what if you could rename your situation? Your life would transform. Remaining in the dark or living in fear of the unknown and becoming stuck in life can become stressful and thus taxing on your body.  Come and learn the power of naming and how you can reclaim your health.

Mindfulness for Body, Mind & Soul (Guiding Light #3)

Why is body awareness important? Why should we pay attention to our emotions and thoughts? How can mindfulness of the body and mind help us to become more in touch with ourselves as spiritual beings within a body? Learn how spiritually mindful practices can draw us closer to Christ and help us to experience more of his love, peace and joy.

Finding Emotional Balance (Guiding Light #4)

Addiction is the modern disease. Now, with everything out in the open, sex, lifestyle, personal preferences, there is less repression. Instead we seek emotional balance through attachment to substances, people, feelings and situations. Learn how to tap into your inner being and find emotional balance and harmony.

Life, Creativity, Energy, Vitality-Tapping into Unlimited Power (Guiding Light #5)

God is life. This universe is an expression of his creativity, which is embroidered into the depths of this earth. Find out how you can tap into the divine power. Uproot limited beliefs that are attached to fear and shame. Understand how Christ’s resurrection brings power and newness of life to everyone.

Food and the Spiritual Journey: “No Guts No Glory” (Guiding Light #6)

Your gut has a mind of its own. Called the “second brain,” it controls the absorption of nutrients and impacts your emotional state. Find out how your gut affects your health physically and mentally and spiritually.

Aging Gracefully, Embracing the Aging Process (Guiding Light #7)

Aging is a natural process that is a part of life. But how many of us prepare for it? How do you prepare for it? In the form of a panel, find out all you need know about the issues of aging– dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, end of life, and being healthy physically, sexually, mentally, socially, financially and spiritually.

Finding Rest-Control & Surrender, Letting Go (Guiding Light #8)

Our bodies are in distress when we feel stuck, when we are constantly angry, when we continue to feel guilty or when we are living in fear. Sometimes, just life itself can be stressful. So how can we master the art of living? This workshop is designed to teach you to do just that.

Finding One’s True Self (Guiding Light #9)

From the day we were born, we learn to protect ourselves from pain. Like the rib cage that protects our physical heart, this false self protects our vulnerable inner being—our soul—our true self. Instead of living out of our inner being, we live out of the wounded self.  This workshop will teach you how to recognize the false self and live out of the authentic self. Leave empowered as you learn how to live out of your true being.

The Outer Journey-Restoring Our Communities (Guiding Light #10)

Shame. Fear. Anger. These are only some of the emotions that characterize the world we live in today. Though we have made significant advancement in technology, we have become de-socialized, resulting in a destructive way we view ourselves, life and the world. Using a group therapy model, you will have the opportunity to experience the support and training to improve communication and relationships for your outer journey–within your communities. Participate in an open discussion on relevant topics while learning how to replace negative emotions and behaviors with positive ones.